Company Policy

Health, Safety and Environment:

Protecting the environment is one of the most important issues facing society.

We are committed to provide a cleaner, healthier and safe environment in all aspects of our work and working green to reduce waste, reduce pollution and reduce energy consumption.

We are committed to negotiating health and safety provisions in our collective agreements to reduce the hazards and risks of work. We want to promote the well-being of our members, our families and our communities and protect the environment.

Our biggest challenge is holding corporate leadership responsible to design, plan, and supervise work to be safe, healthy, and environmentally sustainable

We manufacture and market high quality steels which fulfill important technological and economic needs. All operations shall be conducted in a resource-effective and efficient manner in respect of the use of raw materials, energy and other natural resources. The commercial operations are based on environmental work which contributes to permanent and sustainable development of the use of steel in society. We aim at maintaining a leading position within the steel industry in the environmental performance of products and processes.

Policy Statement:
As concrete guidelines for Steelmakers its our policy to take all responsibly practical steps to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work to our employees by continuously providing information, training and supervision that is necessary.

We will consider the health, safety and environment aspects of all decisions affecting the company and where appropriate, will consult with the employees concerned in established forums such as health, safety and environmental committee.

Every effort is made to meet statutory requirements and codes of practice relating to Company activities.

To ensure with compliance with this policy will:

  • Ensure that due care is taken to avoid spills, emissions and activities that may cause environmental damage.
  • Ensure that our employees are adequate trained to undertake tasks in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Ensure that all plant and equipment are safe and are regularly maintained.
  • Adequate provision for prevention and control of all fires and employees training in the proper use of fire fighting appliances.
  • Provisions and promotions of First Aid services.

Steelmakers will ensure that this policy is revised annually to reflect changes in laws and regulations and liaise with other stakeholders towards development of new regulations that would improve safety and environment performance.

The company is committed to:

  • Continue working in order to minimize the effect of its operations on the environment through a process of continuous improvement and will adhere to environmental standards and legislation.
  • Select supplier, vendor and contractor who will take account of their environmental performance.
  • Work closely with customers to identify ways in which we can improve awareness of and impact on the environment.
  • Set target against which environment performance can be measured.

Steelmakers main objective is to have a HSE (Health Safety & Environment), to earn the confidence of customers, and the community which contribute towards sustainable development.
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