Steelmakers is endowed with good resources that will enable us to realize the rapid economic and social development. Our manufacturing facilities are designed and built using the latest technology to take advantage of the prime quality raw materials.

Steel has become one of the basic building blocks of the modern world as it makes its presence in each and every products of our routine life.

Steel manufacturing is an intensively competitive global industry. By our continuous improvement in quality manufacturing process and increased productivity we stabilize our self to remain competitive in the market. To achieve these productivity and product improvement we employ the most sophisticated technology available in every division we have.

The Melting Plant is the state of modern technology for producing Molten &Specified Metals. The feedstock raw metal is converted into Molten Steel at the plant. This Molten Steel is oxidized and refined with Ferro-alloys additions to obtain correct specifications, wherein in house manufactured Oxygen is used for lancing and oxidizing the liquid state steel. This Molten steel is further poured in the C.I. Ingot Moulds which are again manufactured in house, thereafter the final feedstock and "Ingots" are manufactured to use at Rolling Mills. These Ingots are pre-heated and are used as inputs for the Rolling Mills to manufacture the various final products.
Rolling Mill
Rolling Mill:
Mills have an installed capacity to produce 75,000 tons per annum. The mills are supported by pre- heating furnaces and machine shops that supply the spares and maintenance accessories for operation purposes. The mills are categorized as follows and products manufactured are :


Rolling mill
  • Zed and tee
  • Light angle and channels
  • Light re bars
  • Light Flat bars


Rolling mill
  • Heavy angles, channels and I - Beams
  • Heavy re bars
  • Heavy flat bars
Refractories are the important primary materials used by the steel industries for the internal linings of furnaces, bottom pouring sets of bricks, pre-heating furnaces, ladle bricks, nozzles, tundish bricks & slag pot bricks.

Refractories with stand physical wear, high temperatures and corrosion by chemical agents.
The primary purpose of the foundry is to support the company’s Steel Plant and Rolling Mills with their requirements for spares and consumables.

As part of the company’s overall objective of serving a wider market with quality finished products and services, our Foundry Division can supply Grey-Iron Castings for any appliances as per customer specifications.
Press and Fabrication:
The main product of this division is mild steel washers associated with bolts and nuts. In addition we can also produce ox -plough, bed bracket and window accessories. We are pioneers in the market of ox- plough.
The Unit was installed in year 2000 with the primary idea to produce Bolts, Nuts and allied products related to the requirement of the market. We have an installed capacity of producing 100 T of Bolts and Nuts as well as 100 T of Galvanized products per month.
Fibre Bearing:
Primarily installed to cater the in house requirement of Fiber Bearings and associated products like Fiber keys, inserts for our 6”, 7” and 10” Bar and section Hot Rolling Mills. In line with the company’s policy of producing quality products, the division is capable of manufacturing quality bearings for external market also.
The Manufacturing of Oxygen gas facility contains a state-of-the –art production and analytical instrumentations. The Oxygen gas plant was built to provide an uninterrupted supply of oxygen for the company’s divisions, but also supplies the surplus for industrial and commercial use onto the market.
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