Strategic Goals

To produce quality steel at affordable cost
We have been consistently supplying the regional market and beyond with affordable quality steel products over the years and we wish to retain that status. Maintaining the set benchmark will be one of the greatest challenges for the core steel business.

Upholding the Steelmakers pride for all our employees
Our production is dependent on motivated employees and we treat them as the most important resource the company has. We will thrive to continuously improve the working environment to ensure a sense of belonging and personal growth. We are thriving to create a family environment, a home employees would love to be associated with. We thrive to build the Steelmakers pride.

Pursuing value adding growth strategies
We will pursue ventures that will add value to our core-business. These include expansion projects, capitalization, acquisitions and new investments. All these strategies are aimed at ensuring a long-term sustainable future and ready supply of inputs into our core-business.

Upholding the quality management philosophy
In our endeavor to make an impact on the local and regional markets, Steelmakers will uphold the values of delivering products of the highest quality and thriving to satisfy our customer requirements.


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